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Change WhatsApp Number

Change WhatsApp Number
Ever wanted to change your WhatsApp mobile number without uninstalling the application. Well if you don't know with the latest updates of WhatsApp you can now change your mobile number without having to uninstall and installing your application. It is just like porting your WhatsApp account to another mobile number.

How to change WhatsApp number

* Go to Settings --> Account --> Change Number

* Just feed in your old and new number and leave the rest to WhatsApp and Enjoy :)

In order for the above to work please make sure both your mobile numbers are active.

Free Online Piano Lessons

Free Online Piano Lessons
Learning a piano takes time but with OnlinePianist you can make yourself look play like a professional pianist.

is the only animated online piano tutorial with all the latest hit songs which enables its users to choose the piano songs which they desire to know how to play.The site includes free piano sheet music and notes, piano chords table, lyrics and hundreds of piano songs.

Free Online Piano Lessons
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Awesome Photo Idea

Awesome Photo Idea
Awesome Photo Idea

I must say what an idea it is !!



How to use vpn
The Internet is a place for communicating and exchanging information, which does not please everyone. Some countries monitor and spy on the content of their citizens’ online activities and, where they feel it is necessary, restrict access to some websites or services that they believe to be contrary to their interests.

A VPN is Virtual Private Network that allows data to be moved from one private network to another using a secure Internet tunnel.

In simple words if you are living in a country where social networking sites (facebook, youtube, twitter etc.) & many other sites are being blocked by your government, you can easily access them by using VPN.

We are selling very cheap VPN account for just $2 Dollars a month (limited offer).

How to use vpn

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How to Run Heavy Games Without Graphics Card

Play Counter Strike 1.6 On Your Slow Computer

Run Heavy Games Without Any Graphics Support

If you are a gamer than this post is for you.

With the advancement in technology, small games are nowhere to be seen. With this little trick you can run heavy games which require high performance graphics card even on low end computers.

3D Analyse
3D Analyzer is a software from Tommti Systems that emulates various 3D Graphics Functions to transform high-end games to enable them to run on low-end computers and devices.


Play Heavy Games On Your Computer Without Having Any Graphics .
1. Open 3D-Analyse

2. Select the .exe file of the game you want to run by selecting the 'Select' option (Note that you should select the executable file and not the shortcut file. You can comment below if you need help!)

3. We would not go into deep into much hassle. You can see names, vendorID and deviceID of different graphics cards. Select any one of them and enter the VendorID and DeviceID in the column at the left side.

4. Now select the Run option And Enjoy !!



Create a Temporary / Disposable E-mail Address

Disposable E-Mail Address

Disposable e-mail address websites give you an e-mail id which lasts temporarily. They are mostly used to avoid having spam in your real e-mail address.

You don't want to share your real e-mail id?
You don't want to have your account getting spam by getting signed up in various?

Try one of these websites for that.


How to Increase Blog Traffic

How to Increase Blog Traffic
First impression is the best and probably the ever lasting impression. But, more often than not, creating the best first impression is very difficult and downright challenging. As a blog owner, you may have the opportunity to make only the first impression because if you don’t impress your visitors in those few seconds, you most certainly won’t have the chance to make a second impression.

Tips To Increase Blog Traffic:

1. There Is No Alternative To Unique And Informative Content:
Readers always search for information that is fresh, updated and informative. Nobody wants to read about what happened a fortnight ago when the whole world is abuzz with the very latest news. In an effort to be the first to post a news story, don’t lose your credibility by publishing unauthentic information. Provide something useful to your visitors so that they come back to your site often.

2. Stress On The Quality Of Your Content:
Just before uploading your blog posts, it is prudent to take a closer look at the content to make sure the title and the information is attractive and appealing. An attractive title forces visitors to read your articles.

3. Attract With An Effective Tagline:
For a tagline to be effective, it should be attractive and exceptional. An attractive tagline will certainly help impress visitors and induce them on clicking your posts.

4.Design A Blog Theme:
Choose a blog theme that is attractive and lends a professional look to your blog. Designing doesn’t end with adding peppy colors to your blog site; it includes placing your most impressive posts on the sidebar so that you can attract visitors.

5. Connect With Readers:
Lending a hand to your readers to contact you easily will help convert your first time visitors in to regular readers. Make sure the contact form is placed on your blog’s main page.

6. Let Someone Else Do The Boasting For You:

Let someone else do the bragging and boasting bit for you. Going on about being the best site in town may not be the right way ahead; that’s why you can make use of credible visitor testimonials by displaying them on your main page.

7. Make Your Introduction Interesting And Engaging:
The ‘About Me’ page is there for a reason and the reason is to make your readers connect with you, get impressed by your credentials and know a bit more about you. Make your introduction interesting and engaging.

8. Nothing Sells Like Freebies:
This is so true. For grabbing the attention of first time visitors, nothing attracts like coupons and discounts. Get them to sign up to your newsletter or subscribe to your blog post by offering attractive freebies.

9. Link To Social Media Accounts:
No blog owner worth his salt will choose to ignore having a presence in social media circles. Link your social media accounts to your blog posts main page.

10. Give A Clear Call To Action:
Create a clear and concise call to action in your posts. This is an important step in converting your visitors to readers.

It is essential to keep an eye on the search engines too as there is no way you can trick them. But, remember that your blog has to cater to the needs of your visitors. If your visitors are satisfied with your blog’s content then it is likely that search engines will be impressed too. So, the idea is to make your blog as attractive as possible to your visitors.

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Android Recovery Tool

Android Recovery Tool
How many times have you lost your all-important data or hard-worked project because of computer crash or power failure? Well, I have, at least a dozen times. And it is frustrating to say the least. This is owing to the fact that we do not make use of the modern super-cool technologies.

Yes, data recovery applications can do the trick for you. Be it your home computer, laptop or mobile phones, data recovery applications can save your time, money, efforts and keep your digital assets safe and secured.

Here are the top android recovery tool for your Android phones.

1) Data Recovery:
The mobile application is designed to recover lost data anytime and anywhere. The application allows you to access and recover photos, pictures, status, copied sectors and many more. You can ask for a free quote or open a request for data recovery which is a part of the number of functionalities provided by the application. Special content restoration solution is available for disaster or lost data. RAID system, USB key, hard disk, CD, DVD, Data Recovery mode are all available to suit every faulty occasions.

The Data Recovery software is the perfect solution for all customers that need a solution for their data retrieval on the go.

2) Recover Data:
Recover Data is a comprehensive solution for information and tips on how to recover lost data on a computer. No matter what is your digital data, news feeds, articles, professional sites, informative videos or any recovery services, they all can be recovered in a flash.

3)Ezine Data Recovery Articles:
Perplexed about the name? Don’t be. This is yet another disaster preventing and data recovery tool boasting the following features:

• FAT file system data recovery
• Data recovery for external drives like USB
• Recovery for IBM drive
• Information on hard drive recovery

4) Undelete for Root Users:
Undelete for Root Users lets you recover any kind of lost files from internal storage or SD card. As it supports more than 1000 formats, Undelete can be useful if you delete your digital contents accidentally.

The application can also safely wipe and share files such that others may not recover them easily.

• Ability to restore any kind of file except those that are not written over
• Safely share or wipe files.
• Ability to preview thumbnail
• Batch operations
• Ability to preview media files
• Custom restore folders

5) ROM Manager:
ROM Manager is a must-have app for root users. Making Flash ROMs, Backups is an easy activity in ROM Manager. The app has been downloaded by more than three million users and is still counting in numbers.

• A handy user interface that helps you manage your ROMs.
• Perform and organize restores and backups from within Android
• Ability to install ROMs in the air
• Ability to install ROMs from SD card.
• Install your favorite ROMs.

6) JS Backup:
JS Backup is a tool known for its easiness, look and feel.

• Ability to recover contacts, MMS, text messages, call history, bookmarks, calendar details, playlists, images, music and more. The data is stored in CSV form so that it can be opened in Microsoft Excel.
• Backup history server that allows you to manage backup history
• Additional support for restore / backup of MMS.

Prevention is better than cure. Knowing how machines can sometimes backfire, it is always better to have backup and recovery applications for mobile phones too. Do it now and save yourself from long-time miseries.

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How to Connect OS X to Windows Machines

OS X has a default file sharing protocol AFP also known by the name Apple Filing Protocol. It is little surprising that Apple supports sharing of files with Windows machines by using the SMB protocol. Since OS X is a UNIX based system, Apple initially supported the open source Samba suite which is quite popular. The license violations forced Apple to replace Samba suite with SMB. The specifications of SMB might vary, but the method of connecting to Windows Machines remains the same for all versions of OS X. Before starting to connect, make sure that you are on par with all the latest updates which is the simplest method to avoid compatibility issues. This can be done by just clicking on the Apple logo and selecting System update. Take a look at the methods that can be used to connect:

Bonjour Services:Bonjour is an auto-discovery service that is included in OS X. Bonjour will detect Windows Machines that are nearby if the Windows file sharing is enabled. So how to activate Windows file sharing?

• Click on the Apple logo and select “Sharing System preferences”
• From the services list, choose the option “File Sharing”. Make sure to check the service list thoroughly
• Select the “Options” button
• From the drop-down box choose to “share folders and files using SMB”
Windows Machines is now connected with the network. You can find it appearing in the “shared” option on the Finder sidebar. Files can now be transferred from Mac to Windows on the network.

SMB Connection:Bonjour services fail to detect Windows Machines in a few occasions. However, if your Windows machine is on the network, connection can be manually evoked from the “Go menu” in Finder sidebar. Manual connection is not as hard as thought to be. The following simple steps will complete the task within fractions of a second.

• Go to the Finder sidebar and choose “Go menu”
• Choose “connect to server” from this menu
• An address bar appears in front of the screen. Type “smb://” in it followed by the name of the PC or IP address to which you wish to connect
• When prompted authenticate this address

You are now connected and files can be transferred without any trouble.

Use mount_smbf:The SMB plug-in file system is yet another method to mount an SMB as a local drive. This is similar to mapping a network drive in Windows. Implement the following steps to mount an SMB drive.

• Create a folder on the system to use as a mount point
• Place it on the desktop and name it as “mount”.
• Go to Applications and select the Utilities folder. The Terminal utility option has to be opened from there.
• Give the command “mount_smbfs// followed by the username and server name.

The user name can be replaced with the log-in name that you like to connect with the server. When failed to make this change, the command will assume OS X username account. The username for this account might be different. Similarly, the server name has to be replaced with the IP address or URL of the server that you intend to connect. Additionally, include the name of the folder beside it. This might require some sharing setups from Windows. Execute the command now and the desktop’s mount folder becomes the shared folder of the Windows Machine. This folder can be accessed to edit and copy files.

All the three methods mentioned above are still in practice. Apple is constantly working to develop the compatibility with Windows. Since Microsoft does not support Apple equipments, Apple relies largely on Windows Enterprise.
Author:Allan Goltz likes writing articles related to Technology News, Gadget Reviews and How To. He also does guest posting for - a site that offers savings and current information on charter tv, as well as services


Why Is My Website Slow

Why Is My Website Slow
With technological advancement, it’s not surprising to find out that an 8-second loading time for websites is not acceptable to consumers today. In fact, web surfers will abandon a site if it doesn’t load in two seconds. With this in mind, website owners must strive to keep up with the times so that they can provide better performing websites to their stakeholders.

Faulty HTML Coding:

Although HTML is only a channel through which the server can instruct the browser to show a webpage, it can take very long to load a page if there are wrong HTML tags because the browser is taking time to debug and fix the invalid tags. Therefore, it is important for the web administrator to ensure that the HTML codes are written correctly. At times, Front Page and Dreamweaver add nonessential tags to the code. These, too, must be removed. To ensure that HTML coding is done properly, it is best to test the website on various browsers to check how fast the webpage will load. Instead of performing Javascript verification from the server side, it is advisable to have it done on the client side. Instead of using table-based coding, div-based layout must be used. External Javascript files must also be used as well as external stylesheet files.

Heavy Webpage Content:

In general, a website need not have so much flash, videos, sounds, and graphics files on its homepage because it will take a long time to load it. A lot of images take a long time to load because it eats up a lot of bandwidth. Thus, it is best to optimize the photos first before attaching it to the site. The images can be cropped or resized. Usually, changing the format of the image and reducing its quality as well as utilizing stylesheet to load it can do the trick. Flash application can also slow down a website. Although site users will find a website interesting if there’s interactivity or animation, it is better to use CSS3/HTML5 instead of flash.

Slow Webhosting Service:

The web server can also be the reason why the webpage doesn’t load quickly. It may not have enough disk space and bandwidth to serve the website’s needs. Simply put, the web server isn’t capable of handling all the requests to a website. This is usually the problem with shared hosting. There are various websites sharing the resources of one server thus overloading it. When the server is overloaded, the bandwidth allotted per website becomes limited which becomes the primary reason why web pages take a long time to load.

How To Choose A Webhosting Service Provider:

Therefore, in choosing a webhosting service provider, it is important to check the speed and reliability of the service first. The vendor must be able to guarantee at least 99.5% uptime. Bandwidth or data transfer must also be taken into consideration. In general, a new website which is not a repository of music, video, or software archives usually consumes a maximum of 3GB bandwidth monthly. As the website grows and becomes more popular, it is necessary to upgrade the bandwidth limit to continually provide better performing website to web browsers. A website owner must be wary about webhosting services offering unlimited bandwidth because there were cases in the past when owners were charged exorbitantly for exceeding the unlimited bandwidth offering. Some providers also offer a large initial bandwidth at the start of the contract. If the website owner agrees to this, he may be paying for the excess bandwidths which the website may not be able to consume. Thus, it is best to check out various webhosting providers first because choosing the one who will provide the service. The website owner can also check some reputable webhosting review sites to see firsthand experiences of fellow website owners.

Author’s info: Mike has worked for several firms to have a better online presence. He loves to share hostgator coupon code and is currently writing various website hosting tutorials.