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Mar 21, 2008

Burj Khalifa

A Skyscraper in every sense:

Samsung Corporation from South Korea is the main building contractor. The estimated building cost is US$1billion and offer 30,000 homes and the world's largest shopping mall, The Dubai Mall. Many of the tower floors will be occupied by the 175 room Armani Hotel, the first to open. In addition there will be 144 luxury residential suites designed by Giorgia Armani and kitted out with his home furnishing line. Floors 17 to 108 will have 800 private apartments. Most of the higher floors will be offices and private suites. An observatory 442 meters above ground on the 124th floor will be open to the public - the highest publicly accessible observation desk in the world. There will be a Club on floors 144 to 146.

The Tower will be built of glass, aluminum, concrete and steel. The external surface is made of unitized panels made of aluminum, glass and various brackets, they interlock on site and are up to two storeys tall. The improve the quality and speed up building work.The tip of the spire will be visible 60 miles away.The rods that reinforce the stucture weight a total of 31,400 tonnes and laid end to end would stretch more than a quarter of the way around the world. The water system will supple about 2,50,000 gallons (9,46,000 liters) per day. The Tower's external surface is the size of 17 football fields. The concrete used is equivalent to a solid cube of concrete 61 meters in size or a 1.5 meter wide pavement. 1,2 00 miles long. It weighs the same as 1,00,000 elephants. Peak electricity demand of the tower is the same as 3,60,000 100 watt light bulbs.Double deck cabs have a a capacity for 21 persons on each deck and will have the world's longest travel distance from lowest to highest stop. These elevators will be world's fastest at 18m/sec (40mph). The building service/fireman's elevator will have a capacity of 5,500kg and will be the world's tallest service elevator. The Burj Khalifa will contain the world's highest elevator installation. At the peak cooling times, the tower will require approximately 10,000 tons of cooling per hour, which is equivalent to the capacity provided by 10,000 tons (22.4 million lbs, or 10.2 million kg) of melting ice in one day.The tower's peak electricity demand is es timated at 36 mVA, equivalent to roughly 3,60,000 100-watt light bulbs all operating a t the same time.The Burj Khalifa will be the first mega-high rise in which certain elevators will be programmed to permit controlled evacuation for certain fire or security events.

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