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Mar 21, 2008

A Light Powered Toothbrush

A Light Powered Toothbrush
Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan are looking into whether a light-powered toothbrush developed by Japanese company is as effective as conventional methods.

The toothbrush uses a titanium dioxide rod that releases electrons when it is exposed to light and water. Those electrons reportedly react with acids in your mouth to break down plaque and banish the Cavity Creeps to Toothcatraz.

A Light Powered Toothbrush
The study is just getting underway, but developer Kunio Komiyama says it has been effective in "completely destroying bacterial cultures in lab tests". A dental conference also gave the toothbrush a recent acknowledgment, too. So maybe there's something to this.

So, it cleans teeth, but does leave you with minty fresh breath, too, or will Tic Tacs be spared from oblivion? Wow, thats really something amazing (if it really works), espeacially for kids, a model that required no toothpaste might actually help in a strange way to get kids' teeth considerably cleaner.

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