Bottle Cap inside a Glass Bottle - Awesome Trick

The Magician enter some restaurant. Gets on a table with two ladies sitting there, grabs a bottle and the bottle cap, ask's the ladies to try to put the bottle cap inside the bottle, which was impossible.

The Magician however gets the impossible bottle cap inside the bottle, not only this he even gets it out from the bottle.

Watch the Video:

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7 comments: on "Bottle Cap inside a Glass Bottle - Awesome Trick"

angel from heaven said...

amazing how did he do it??

Dan* said...

@ angel from heaven

Had i knew the trick, would have definitely posted it.

This one is totally different as compared to Chris Angel trick Coin inside a Beer Can(in which we couldn't see any thing inside the beer can).

Mukesh Kothiyal said...

nice one !!! i am still amazed how he did it!! :D

Mukesh Kothiyal said...

still amazed hw he did it!!!


nice stuff man.... i have a documenatry revealing all tricks of the magicians...but this wasn't there.

Dan* said...


Can't have all the tricks in one documentary, there are thousands and thousands of trick. Iam still searching how the trick is done and will post it soon.

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