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Apr 20, 2008

Osama for President

America's Number One enemy and one of its most popular senators. One and the same? Is Obama, Bin Laden's comeback vehicle?

You say Obama, I say OSAMA.

But MarkIV said Obama-Osama?Is it just a mere co-incidence that Osama is just an 's' and a 'b' away from Obama? Is it but a cruel twist of fate that 'Hussein' just happened to be Saddam's last name as well?

'Whats in a name' you ask me? Conspiracy I'd say!

The '38th Child Syndrome' I think,is indeed getting to Osama.With a price tag attached to his turban covered head, he cant exactly come out in the open and demand the attention he craves, can he? His insatiable desire for public approval has manifested itself as Obama - seeking to glorify every frontpage in the country with his beard-less, turban-less avatar.

Both Osama & Obama attended secular schools. Both their mothers divorced their fathers in the early years of their childhood and remarried.Obama having graduated Magna Cum laude from Harvard only goes on to fill the gap of a purported degree in Osama's life.Both opposed the war in Iraq. 'I will finish the Al-Qaeda' on Obama's website is of course set to throw us all off track.

Obama around 2005 visited Azerbaijan,Jordan, Israel and Palestine on a trip that focused on strategies to control the world's supply of conventional weapons, biological weapons, and weapons of mass destruction. A convenient time, if I might state, to replace the original Obama with Osama (who of course took the effort to get plastic surgery done, I'll come to that in a while). The attempt to shake off religion is of course a necessity considering the Islamophobia that the US is reeling under.

Talking of plastic surgery, did you notice - the foreheads are the same width, the ears of the same length, the shoulder blades are similar and yeah they have a similar facial structure. For all we know, Obama could be Osama with a nose job, a healthy tan (from living in those mountains) and a dimple additional, to charm all those girls he missed out on while on the run.

Or wait, they could be long lost twin brothers or something. Dang! That would be such a Bollywood-esque connection. They might even have one of those 'Bhaiyaaa...' scenes in the end where they run towards each other after having defeated America,(of course in slow motion slow enough for the Tortoise to win the Arjuna award meanwhile) in front of the White House.

Anagrams they say are the revealers of hidden truth. Anagram Generator offers manna to those of us who love playing with words. By habit I ran 'Osama Bin Laden' and 'Obama Barack Hussein; through the mill and unearthed startling truth!!


Results for Osama :

1. In a mad one's lab - I can almost imagin Osama cackling with laughter as he bends his brazen back over the kollywood - type miniature model of the White House, which the villain is supposed to bend over and analyse before he destroys.

2. Bold Mean Asian - Ah, but of course.

3. Abandon a smile - bUSh, this ones probably for you.

4. DO MEN NAB ALIAS? - Note this Your Honor! This anagram is of highest relevance here. The Obama-Osama thingy.

Results for Obama :

1. USA Backbone Rash Aim/ USA Backbone Mash Air : Obvious gloating reference to the 9/11 attacks.

2. Bush, I can break Osama : Heck, even in anagrams this guy tries to put us off scent!!

3. OBL BEAM ransack USA : OBL obviously is Osama's initials. BEAM is a robotics acronym, which leads me to conclude that Osama, disguised as Obama is planning to use BEAM robots and take over USA in the near future. Plausible eh? Dont tell me I didnt warn you!

4. Heck USA, Im an Arab SOB : The best of the lot, and the most obvious. Heck USA,he's an Arab SOB. If they still dont get it, thats one more thing to add here.

I thought I was among the first to discover Osama's evil plan, but nopes, commercialization has forced genius onto people.Zazzle is already out on an ignorance-dispelling drive with Obama Bin Laden badges for sale!

CNN on a Situation room broadcast, displayed a graphic of Osama Bin Laden and his second-in-command Ayman Al-Zawahiri with the title 'Where's Obama?'. That was one intelligent guy whose birth certificate Im sure has been erased from records by the US Government (as always happens to the enemies of the Government, in the novels).

Learning from MarkIV, a Disclaimer :

If you are the US Government,this isnt me.Hillary Clinton is holding a gun to my head.

If you are Osama,this still isnt me. If you want someone to sharpen your knives on or test your ammunition ,he's your man. He's the one putting ideas in my head.

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  1. :)

    a nice lil comparison chart...

    i wonder what the wolrd would be like if osama were to be the next us president.....!!!!!!!!!!

    ohhhh god.... cant even imagine.....