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May 6, 2008

How To Get Free Soft Drinks and Snacks From Old Vending Machines

Note: This only works with older vending machines. Don't waste your time on new ones.

You will need: A pencil, ample amount of scotch tape, a one dollar bill (the crisper the better), and most importantly common sense. Common sense will be needed to not get yourself into trouble, as in don’t use this method in areas of high traffic, areas patrolled by authority, areas under video surveillance, or anywhere where the “free” drinks can be tied to you.

1) Draw two strands of tape about 4 feet each (1.3 meters if you’re foreign).
2) Tape the top of the dollar bill with one of the strands, and then stretch this strand out.
3) Tape the bottom of the bill with the other strand, and stretch it out.
4) Find the middle of the strands and place the pencil across it.
5) Carefully double over each strand of tape, so that the tape is not sticky on either side, and the dollar bill is taped on the top and bottom, on both sides.

I have no idea what happened to this picture.

6) Find the oldest vending machine that you can, in a safe place.
7) Insert the dollar bill.
8) Wait for the dollar bill to be read, and make your purchase.
9) Slowly but firmly pull the pencil back out of the machine.
10) Receive your free object.
11) Repeat a couple times.
12) Don’t do this continually on the same one, or the same spot, or somebody will get suspicious.


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  2. hehe... i must say ur posts are really wacky, yet informative!!
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