How to make yahoo number IDs

Go To this page using ur mobile or computer browser
you have to have java installed on ur computer to get this work

you will get this screen .... choose option given in pic.
you will get this screen .. click on marked button

click OK with center button

choose marked option using arrow keys and then click center to select
click on marked button
enter ur required id .. eg 12345687 and click on center button

chooose ur password etc. and complete remaining registration process


that's all ur new ID is ready now
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6 comments: on "How to make yahoo number IDs"

Dragon said...

very helpful indeed..ll try it once for sure...

do drop in my blog sometime..

Dark_Gal said...

aah well!
keep blogging!!!

Gagan said...

gr8 !! i fooled my frnds by showing these number id's and saying that i got vip ids :) !!!

manorath said...

keep up the good work! wil surely try sometime!!

ArUn raFi said...

this is great..surely a way to fool a lot of people and make them ask you how it was done..

prash said...

gr8 way to fool others,
i liked it

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