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Jan 30, 2009

How To Transfer Spray Paint into Another Bottle

  1. Find the spray paint that you want to use. Also, find the empty can that you want to transfer the paint into.

  2. Pry the cap off of the empty can. Be careful not to damage it. Your empty can should look something like this:

  3. Take the tube out of the inside of a gel pen. Rip off the tip, and blow out all of the ink. Run water through to get any ink that might be left inside out of it. Cut the tube in half, and keep the end that had the tip on it.

  4. Pull the cap off of the spray paint can. Cut it apart to get the tube out of it.

  5. Put this tube into one end of your gel pen tube.

  6. Heat up the other end of the gel pen tube.

  7. Put the heated end onto the tube sticking out of the empty bottle. Use a little bit of force to get it on, you are trying to form the tube to the right size.

  8. Take the gel pen tube off of the empty can to let it cool. Now it should look something like this:

  9. Place the end of the tube with the tube that came off of the spray paint into the spray paint can. Place the end of the tube that you modified over the tube of the empty bottle.

  10. Press in the direction of the empty bottle, opening the bottle.

  11. Press on the spray paint can, so that paint starts to move from the spray paint can into the empty can. Make sure that the spray paint can has its tip horizontal to the tip of the receiving can.

  12. Shake the receiving can often to see how full it is. Fill to desired amount. WARNING: Do not overfill. Doing so will result in paint flying all over the place.

  13. Remove the tube and replace the tip onto the now full bottle.

  14. Voila! Shake the can really well (it doesn't have the ball used in spray paint cans to mix the paint, so it will take longer than usual), and use.

  • Wrap the receiving can in an ice pack to make the filling faster.
  • Cover the receiving can with plastic to minimize mess.
  • If there is not enough pressure in your can, repeat the process, but with the spray paint can vertical to the receiving can. The spray paint can should be upside down (tip facing the ground). This transfers only pressurized gas into the bottle.


  1. informative ...nice site by the way !!cool stuff

  2. cool man!
    where do u get dese thngs frm! ;)

  3. nice stuff dan....
    Acha toh aise hi, nakli deo bante hain....

  4. Interesting but why would anyone want to do that???

  5. @ angel

    just to have fun ! :-D