Security Plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer

TrendProtect NOW (beta) is a plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer that will help you to keep the nasties away from your computer while browsing the Internet.

What this plugin actually does, is to show you the web site’s reputation by warning you if the page you are browsing is secure or not, with a button that is placed on your toolbar.

It also displays the warning buttons into your Google, Yahoo and Msn searches.

You can set up the content filter by clicking the TrendProtect button and go to the settings.

One other extra that TrendProtect Now offers is the ” Check your Computer Security” option.

This option enables you to scan your computer for viruses, worms, trojans and spyware, right from your browser with Trend Secure HouseCall Free scan.

For more information, visit TrendSecure web site or go directly to the download page.

Stay safe!

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3 comments: on "Security Plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer"

Ecodrive said...

nice work there..i had been trying this pluggin..

thanx for info..
Phrenic Minds
Incarnate yourself


thanks... is it like pop up windows???

Tarun said...

Yarr after installing it has slow down my surfing speed ………………………………

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