Free RapidShare Premium Account Checker and Notifier

RapidShare is one of the most popular file sharing and file hosting service on the web, and millions of users download from RapidShare everyday. However, for non-premium aka free RapidShare users, the download features are limited, and always caused download error such download session expired, invalid download tickets or reached download limit for free users. The ultimate solution is to get the RapidShare Premium Account that doesn’t have any limitations. The only down point is the RapidShare Premium Account comes with a price, if you don’t know how to crack it or unable to steal any RapidShare Premium Account password. The good thing is, once in a while, RapidShare is giving away free Premium Account.

The free Premium Accounts given out by RapidShare are based on first come first serve basis, thus are limited in quantity and only available during certain time period. If free account no longer available or on offer, a pop-up will state “All free-accounts are already taken”. RapidShare free Premium Account is generally and usually available at the following URL:

To sign up for the free Premium Account, you will need to always check the above link location to see any free RapidShare account on offer. It’s troublesome but luckily there are several tools that automate the process to check if there is any free Premium Account available and notify you immediately to sign up for it.


RapidCheck is a tool that checks whether any free premium accounts are available at RapidCheck resides at Windows’ system tray area (notification area) and checks for free accounts at specified intervals. When free accounts detected, users will be notified with an information balloon tooltip. Users can then go to free account registration page by clicking on the balloon tool-tip.

RapidCheck (current version: 0.5) can be downloaded from here (RapidCheck installer) or here (RapidCheck executable binary and sound files).

CMS RSFAN (CMS RS FAN) aka Rapidshare Free Account Notifier

CMS RSFAN is another free utility from the producer of RapidUp and Grabbe to check and notify users if there is any free Premium Accounts available from Users able to specify frequency to check for availability of free accounts or initiate manual check immediately. CMS RS FAN will launch the free RapidShare Premium Account registration page when it detects there is one on offer. Other features been proxy support.

CMS RSFAN 1.0 (CMS RS FAN 1.0) can be downloaded from here.

RapidShare Free Account Check [ViR-Q]

RapidShare Free Account Check is another program to check when the Registration for Free Premium Accounts is open, plus a lot of other features and enhancements compare with above two RapidShare Premium Accounts checking tools, including ability to automatic RapidShare Premium Account Registration. Among the features include:

  • Timer (in minutes).
  • Minimize to run in the system tray (notification area).
  • When the Free accounts registration is open, an alarm with sound or popup or both will warn you.
  • Tool to register from inside the program.
  • Semi-Automatic ability to get and register many RapidShare premium accounts at once.
  • Tool to get details for your free premium account, such as pass-login-valid until, details, enable users to use fake email address to register for premium account.
  • Tool to get details for your premium account, such as expiration date, bandwith remaining and other.

Download Rapidshare Free Account Check (version 0.2.9 Beta). V0.3.0 Final now available.

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