How to make a drop down menu

To make the dropdown menu copy the code from here and Change Your text title here with eg mp3 links and Change your address link here with eg and change the text here will be display with eg mp3shits:

You can make the drop down menu more than one, just make the code more than one, so very simple.

Now, how to add this code to your blog. This is the step :

1. Login to blogger with your ID

2. After entering the dashboard page , click Layout

3. Click at Page Element tab

4. Click at Add a Page element.

5. After emerging pop up window , Click add to blog button for the things HTML/JavaScript
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8 comments: on "How to make a drop down menu"

Green Alien said...

First the negetives!
Too Cluttered
Only Tech
Too Many Catagories

The Pros
Nice template

arjun said...

Thanks for this....

Hakuna Matata said...

Interesting un there

IT Buddy said...

Nice Post !! Looking the code to add all my post in small place !!

With Warm Regards :)

Karthik Murali said...

hey thankss
it was so useful

sunny_raju said...

wow tht was cool, thnx a lot

Gagan said...

This one is really nice !!

I was searching for this thing for a long time and my search ends here !!

This tip will be very useful for me atleast !!!


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