Eset Antivirus Final Edition

ESET's NOD32 is rapidly becoming one of the best pieces of antivirus software on the market today.ESET's NOD32 once again has delivered an excellent product that is highly effective, and now, easy to use. The strength and beauty of this software is its light footprint, relatively fast scanning and superior ThreatSense® Technology that detects malicious software before it has been reported. Its interface is intuitive and easy to use for the average home user.

ESET have now released an final edition of ESET NOD32 and ESET Smart Security. ESET Smart Security is an internet security suite designed by ESET to compete with other internet security suites, such as McAfee Internet Security and Kaspersky Internet Security.

ESET AntiVirus will have only AntiVirus and AntiSpyware
ESET Smart Security will have AntiSpyware, AntiVirus, AntiSpam and Firewall


1. Uninstall your current antivirus.

2. If it asks you to restart after uninstalling do not restart yet! First remove the registry keys then restart manually from the start menu.

3. Install this version. When asked check set update parameters later.

4. If the setup asks you to restart after installing DO NOT RESTART! Click No instead. Restart manually from the start menu.

6. After restarting click Update in NOD32. After it updates it should say you have got 24XXX Days remaining! If it ask's for username password then you have not install the registry also......after downloading the registry paste it in the same folder of your antivirus open it and say yes.

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11 comments: on "Eset Antivirus Final Edition"

Majid said...

iam using 2.7.........will try this for sure .......thankx


ohhh thanks does this work on an xp...

kindly post more stuff... heard some versions dont work on all types of windows... lemme try dis one for nw...


Dan* said...

@ Rinzu

it works on all windows

puneet said...

keep posting

Shiva said...

so is avg 8.0 anything infront of it?

CrAzYbLoG ,

saif said...

i was looking for this.thanx

Dan* said...

@ shiva

i have used avg but it failed to detect any virus in my pc .........according to me kaspersky is the best then Nod32

If you have 512 ram used Kaspersky otherwise Nod32 cause its not heavy and doesnt take too much ram

Attila said...

hmm.. how much is this effective against trojans??

Dan* said...

@ Attila

excellent !! Mostly every hacker will tell u to use this i was told the same

Sarv007 said...

nod 32 is best thnx

Arjun... said...

hadn't heard of this before... will try..


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