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Aug 18, 2008

Few Tips for Designing your Blog

Make your purpose clear:

Your blog banner should have a title and subtitle that make it clear who you are and what you write about. People who have never viewed your blog before will leave in a hurry if they can't quickly determine what you are about.

Review your Blog:

Review your blog every few months to determine whether any of the elements have become outdated or no longer relevant, and remove them.

Keep it Simple

Keep it simple dont add too many widgets which will cause the page to load slower.

Use complimentary colours:

Too many colours, or colours that are too bright, can turn off readers and cause them to click away sooner than they might otherwise.

Place Feedbacks:

Place feedbacks like your e-mail, chatbox, RSS feed subscription link, where readers will be able to give their opinions.

Check your content size:

Content that is too large can immediately turn viewers off, while content that is too small will discourage older viewers from reading your content. Choose a content size that is easy to read.

Add visual interest with photos:

It is a good idea to include images now and then in your blog posts to keep up the good looking factor.

Check your blog in several different browsers:

Every browser display pages slightly differently, so it is always a good idea to look at your blog in different browsers to make sure that it looks the way you want it to.

It is very difficult to check your website on each and every browser but with this site you can check it.



  1. I guess its of more help to the professional bloggers...But then some points are common :)


  2. These quick tips are really useful for newbies !!

    Your hyperlink is not working in the 2nd last line !!

  3. thankx Gagan .....

    now working !!

  4. useful tips...expecting some more

  5. cool.. nice trips for the newbies..

  6. cool.. nice trips for the newbies..

  7. I agree to you bro... More of widgets would mean the page would get slow while loading.

    Thanks for the tips bro. :)

  8. thanks...
    these tips will be usful for everyone not just the new barnd bloggers...

    i have seen old bloggers flooding their page with ads and widgets...



  9. cool post.. go on give more tips...

    Do check my blog and comment: http://consumerpsyche.blogspot.com/2008/08/kill-brand-indirectly.html

  10. quick tips....truly, sometimes the readability - the lack of it, kills even an awesome blog

  11. Simple and effective tips. I need to review my blog to see how I can incorporate the same

  12. thanks for the tips...
    is there any way i can chnge the template retaining the existing widgets?

  13. @ cyclops

    nope ............ go ahead it will just take half an hour copy your widgets in a notepad then paste it on the new template :P