How to Boost Pc Faster

Microsoft Windows XP is the ability to do a boot defragment. This places all boot files next to each other on the disk to allow for faster booting.
By default this option is enabled but if it is not then below is the information on how to turn it on :

Go to Start Menu and click Run type in regedit. Search for


Select "Enable" from the list and "Modify" Change the value to Y . Restart your Pc and see the change.
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7 comments: on "How to Boost Pc Faster"


does this actually happen???

thanks for sharing this...

Dan* said...

@ Rinzu

yes ! just check it but it will be enable if its not then enable it reatart n see the difference :P

Vinayak said...

thanx for telling

Gagan said...

lemme check this n tnx 4 da tip !!

Majid said...

useful post but mine is already set to enable .........thankyou 4 telling

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