How to change blogger domain to is a free domain site. We can change our blog domain "" to "". To change our default blogspot name to domain name follow these steps :

1. Open website

2. Then check the availability of your domain name on the search box.

3. If it is not available then you have to find another domain name. But if it is available then register yourself.

4. Then you have to setup your domain. Click on "setup --> Manage domain" you will see it on the left hand side.

Now there are three ways to setup:

Manage DNS

Leave it i couldn't get it myself :D

Zonal Records

1. Fill it with the following :

Host :
Type : CNAME
Value :

2. Click Setup.

The you have to make some setup in your blogger account.

1. Login to Blogger account then choose "Setting --> Publishing"

2. Then choose "Switch to Custom Domain"

3. Then click on "Already own a domain then click on advanced settings"

4. Fill it with your new domain in the ""

5. Save Setting.

Url Forwarding

1. Fill with the following :

Redirect To :
Page Title : What ever you like
Frame : Url Hiding

2. Click Setup.

Note : It will take few hours for your new domain to work.

If you have choosen "Url Forwarding" then you will be able to open both "blogspot" domain and "" domain.

If you have choosen "Zonal Records" then your "blogspot" domain will be redirected to your new domain if opened.

Sample :
Digg Google Bookmarks reddit Mixx StumbleUpon Technorati Yahoo! Buzz DesignFloat Delicious BlinkList Furl

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19 comments: on "How to change blogger domain to"

Gagan said...

hmm interesting !! I'l try this and wud come to u soon !!

uchiha tejesh said...

thanks buddy,

dint know dat

Viyoma.R said...

Hey thnks a ton...i was just looking out for it!

Rakesh said...

I saw many doing this so I will also try

cube said...

What is the benefit of moving from blogspot to this? Just curious about what I have to gain from the move.

Dan* said...

@ cube

You can get a more desirable domain name of your choice due to its relatively low amount domains. This can greatly help you in ranking top results in search engines, because having a keyword rich domain name is key.

Dan* said...

and they are also short in typing :D

alex paul k said...

nice info as usual.....thugh blogspt i guess is a brand

cube said...

Sounds good on the surface. I guess what I'm really asking is how will it affect my history on blogspot - which has been good to me in the past.

Majid said...

nice now i will make a new blog n change it to

Dan* said...

@ cube

It wont affect if you use the "Url forwarding" . Thats what iam using

Even if you use "Zonal records" visitors opening blogspot will redirect to your new domain


thanks yaar... u are always prompt in helping me with my stupid techy doubts and ur always kind enuf to comment on my posts as well...

thanks a ton... let it keep coming for techy illiterates like me...

god bless....


Sree said...

then y did u not you not changed ur bolg??

Dan* said...

@ Sree

i also changed it but i chose "Url Forwarding" with that you can open both and

Tarun said...

hey thks for the info dude..thks u rock ..!

Ross "The Pit Boss" said...

Cool idea, Dan. My blog name needs some shortening, and this will do the trick nicely.
Many thanks. ;-)

Arjun said...

Hi Dan Bro , This is Arjun again , but this time for giving some advice , as you are telling people about thing , so You can actually earn from this by becoming affiliate of them & edit this post & post there banner or link you have got

okie bye bye

Arjun said...

& i have seen your lines now in comments & haven't worked on it as i dont get time now , but wthe time when i am going to do , i will tell you about it.

Thanks man

Daniel White said...

Personally, I would stick with the Blogger as these free domain sites have a tendency to not always be working right all the time. If has problems, it will affect people trying to access your blog.

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