Fake Desktop Prank

Click here www.readatwork.com

Wait till 100% loaded then click on the NZ Council Book Guest link. Now the fake screen appears like a desktop n nothing will happen when u click on the icons .Now you just watch and entertain yourself.

ESC puts it back to normal as mention .

I’m sure if you try it especially in office many will fall for it !

Have Fun :)
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8 comments: on "Fake Desktop Prank"

peter said...

useful !!
keep it up !

Comfortably Numb said...

I have done something like this long time back. You can so the same by copying the desktop screen and then playing it as a slide show in power point :P


Aritro..... I am what I am..... said...

KOOL....This is supposed to b d best blog i've set my eyes till now....lovely work out there....how didya do dat????

atomicvelvetsigh said...

Woah Another great find! This is super cool.. I'd use it to trick people at work indeed..

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