Outono Blogger Template

A Beautiful 3 column template created by Templates Novo Blogger.

Main features:

1. Magazine style
2. Custom 4 way Tab Navigation with Background
3. 3 Columns
4. Fixed Width
5. Good space provided for Adds
6. RSS Feed in the Header

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12 comments: on "Outono Blogger Template"

Kenneth said...

Useful content for the ppl who search for it..Keep it up

Dr. Internet said...

Wow! Thanks a lot for this cool template.


i was looking for three column template
for one of my blog...


♥dollies said...

Hello , dropping by yours now .. :P

Nidhi said...

array ...Template wow ....its really a good one ..but one doubt you made this one or its owned by some1 else ..

Dan* said...

@ Nidhi

I didnt made this i just modified a bit. You can see the instructions inside it to install some features. I posted it because i like this template and even iam using it.

abhinav"debris of euphoria" said...

heyy.....its a really nice...awesomeness....hey dude how did ur tag wala thing.....??

sarv007 said...

i have changed my template to Outono..
But not able to install the links properly...
Where ur home-pranks links occur , i want to place link there ....how to do it?

Dan* said...

@ Sar007

when you have downloaded the template from my site i have posted the instructions with it in the notepad just copy the code and paste it

Dashboard -->Layout-->Add page element-->Html

and drag it between blogpost and the header widget

abymittal said...

hi Dan. thanks for the link buddy. r u sure this is a 3 column template.? reply!

Dan* said...

@ abymittal

yes it is ........all of the templates i have posted are 3 column.

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