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Sep 10, 2008

Show Specific Number Of Posts in Single Label Page

This is also one of the reason why people move to "Wordpress". When you open a label page the blogger shows 20 posts(if you have) per page and provides a link called "Older posts" to view other posts. As a result it takes lot of time to load or sometimes your browser doesn't respond.

With this hack you will be able to "Show specific number of posts in a Single Label Page"

Login to blogger account

Dashboard --> Layout --> Html

Search for <a expr:href='data:label.url'> (Use Ctrl+F for easy searching)

Now where ever you fine <a expr:href='data:label.url'> add the following after that(I found two depends on your template you might find one):

+ "?max-results=4"

So it should look the this:

<a expr:href='data:label.url + "?max-results=4"'>

Note: The digit 4 shows number of posts to be Shown in a Single Labels Page.


  1. cool
    i think i did it without messing up with html!


    CrAzYbLoG ,

  2. hey this template is really good... its sooo simple....will definitely try it...

  3. quite a good crack...you found it on your own?

  4. @ abhi

    yes when i was installing page navigation hack :D from Gagan

  5. Hi DAN ~

    Nice tutorial !!

    And cool design !!

    Good going !! \m/

  6. Yeah..!! I too felt that....
    Nice hack...


  7. wow, very informative..keep up the good work..will be bck 4 more tips..cya!^^

  8. u have a nice blog I liked the 1st theme of ur blog...
    It was better than this...
    just giving u a suggestion to change ur theme,now ur wish to do that or not.

  9. @ vinayak

    thankyou for your suggestion ......will think about it :)

  10. & abt this i have done this as you specifies ,but i am getting the errors when i do save template , i need it bro , do tell me

    Danzyworld.blogspot.com Rocks Danzy Rocks

  11. @ Arjun

    you dont have to delete n e thing ........i think you forgot to close it with '

    it should look like this

    'data:label.url +"?max-results4"'

  12. ya Dan i have done it now , thank you very very much, grt man now that will increase page impressions of mine

  13. Thanks a lot. It's helpful.

    But just let me tell you that this tricks works only with the labels under the post. it does not work with the label widget provided by blogger. So, the trick is, make a new HTML/Javascript widget, type all your labels there, and manually give hyperlink to them. In the end of the label links, just add ?max-results=4
    Example : http://danzyworld.blogspot.com/search/label/Magic?max-results=4
    Of course, you can play with the no 4.
    And yup, in that way the leabel counts won't show up, but that does not matter a lot, does it? ;)

  14. well it did that for my menu bar it takes a much more time :P