Easy Shutdown Prank

This trick will display an error box which will give you a countdown of "30 sec" after which it will restart your pc. This is an easy trick you can do it with a notepad also but iam using an easy method. If you dont know follow these steps:

Right Click your desktop --> Create a shortcut

Type the following code in the space provided:

shutdown -s -t 30 -c “Your message here”

So it should look like this:

You can replace "30" with any digit (it give you the countdown seconds)

Click next and name the shortcut like "Internet Explorer"

Afterwards right click on the shortcut click propertise and change the icon to that of "Internet Explorer" which your victim is most likely to open.

That's it ! You just have to paste the shortcut into your victims pc and waits when he opens it.

Note: To stop it, Click Start --> Run and type "shutdown-a" (without quotes). Otherwise it will really restart your pc. :P
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8 comments: on "Easy Shutdown Prank"

saif said...

hehe im gonna try this

Dr. Internet said...

Thanks. Keep posting tricks!

Bahman said...

It is very useful.
I knew that but informing others about windows notes is very great job.
I appreciate you.
Your Blog design is very good & technical too.

Varun said...

I think novices would fall for this,but not people who regularly use computers.
Nice trick tho

BK said...

gr8 prank.. will be trying out soon.. ;)

kenwooi said...

Nice one! Gotta try it on my friends! XD

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