How to setup Comment form under a post

Blogspot readers have to click on the new page or pop up window to comment on our post. Which sometimes make visitors not to comment even if they want too.

To setup "Comment form under your post" follow the steps:

Log into your
Dashboard through (100% Safe i did it too u can check mine)

Settings --> Comments

and scroll down to "Comment form placement"

and click "Embedded below post"

and save your settings.

Now Try to see your blog click on any of your title post if there is a commnet box below your post then that's it.

But if there is no comments box, just follow the next step:

Search for the following or similar:

<p class='comment-footer'>
<a expr:href='data:post.addCommentUrl'

And replace the with this code

Credit: Blogger in Draft
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15 comments: on "How to setup Comment form under a post"

Hashan Hazarika said...

Thats a good info buddy..Could help many bloggers..

I need a help from you..Could u tell me how to create a picture link?? Help with the codings also..

BK said...

thanx Dan for the info..
i'll try it on my blog..

SAIF said...

useful info dude...
long time since i visited ur blog

...nIShAntH... said...

Now thats a pretty good info ....thanks mate...owe ya big tyme..!!

Shiva said...

i thought its embedded in to the template!


CrAzYbLoG ,

Kalidas.. said...

wow.. that was.. incredible..

Kalidas.. said...

wow.. that was simply amazin..

Mr.69 said...

gr8 dude........keep helping us with ur tips n tricks

im trying this :)

Mr.69 said...

yo man...i changed the x-generation to glitzo and i hav said it to u....

i am going to remove word verification :)

Varun said...

Cool! will try this :)

poo said...

cool.. draft is all that beta stuff blogger is gonna add slowly in.. btw. if you got that read the post on.. link details.. that'd be useful

'j' said...

Hey great tips.. im gonna try these. Bookmarked you.thanks.

leona fassi said...

Thank you incredibly much for the game review. I imagine I will have to head out to buy it next week!

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