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Oct 1, 2008

Increase you Internet Speed by 3 times

Here is a trick which will increase your "Internet Speed" by 3 times.

Start --> Run type "Regedit" (without quotes)

Search to the following:


Now on the right side search for the following:


Click on both modify and change the value to "0" (Without quotes)

Restart ur Pc to take effect.

How to undo it

Follow the same steps and change the value to "1" again (with quotes)

Note: I have only tried in windows xp.


  1. Im having T 1 connection that is high speed connection this post will be very useful for those who are having dail up connection but what does that trick actually do ?

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  3. It is a very very informative post.
    we can increase our internet speed.
    gonna try it surely

  4. i've tried it earlier..i dont think it causes much diff..

  5. dude...will try it fo sure,..Hope it works out well ....

  6. it does not worked for me....

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