Tracing a website

Do you know what happens when you browse a website ?? Want to know...

Follow these steps:

Start --> Run type "cmd" (without quotes)

This will open Command Prompt (You can also see it in the Accessories)

Now type cd\
Now type "tracert" (without quotes)


* First line shows the IP address of the website
* Second line shows the Number of steps taken to load the website (more the number of steps the more time it takes)

Note: You can type any website instead of
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9 comments: on "Tracing a website"

Mr.69 said...

hey nice trick trying

Sidrah said...

wow...i tried it, n it worked!! =O cool!

Sidrah said...

wow...i tried it, n it worked!! =O cool!

The Solitary Writer. said...

hey its good danny

damm good

BK said...

nice piece of info..
u work a lot for ur blog..:)
how do u come up with such interesting piece of info so regularly..:)

if interested in link exchange plz let me know..

The Solitary Writer. said...

ok dan tll me how to know ip address of the person to whom we r chatting

Majid said...

awesome !!!

Dan* said...

@ Solitary Writer

thats not easy...... try sending a file then open cmd and type "netstat" (without quotes)


thanks... i need to know all this stuff now ... now dat i have 490 google resluts by my name and lot of plagiarism...

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