How to Remove Ravmon Virus

Ravmon virus can spread on the Internet through e-mail attachments. It can also be transmitted through portable devices such as flash memory, external storage media, digital cameras and multimedia players.

How do you come to know if your Antivirus doesn't picks it.

When you open any drive in My Computer by double clicking the drive will not open but will open a dialogue which will ask you to “Choose the program you want to use to open this file". And when you right click, on the drive the menu will have a chinese like language & when you click on it the same thing will happen.

It even effect your "Folder Option" when you check it to show it wont show.

Follow the steps:

Start --> Run (type cmd)

Your Command Prompt will be opened

Now type the following: cd\

C:\>del /a/f *.inf

Here is how it should look if your D: drive is affected.

This command will remove the "Ravmon Virus"

Repeat it with the other drives if it is also affected

That's it !
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...nIShAntH... said...

Not yet affected ...
but thanks for the heads up..will be on the look out... ;)

yuva said...

tis a blog with nice stuff!
gud luck.

Arjun said...

Thanks a lot dude.....
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Majid said...

heard about it before

thankx for the solution........

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