Create a Search Box for your blog

Login to Blogger

Go to Layout --> Page Element --> Html


<form action="" method="get"> <input class="textinput" name="q" size="30" type="text"/> <input value="search" class="buttonsubmit" name="submit" type="submit"/></form>

Cant Copy click here

Note : Change to your blog name & You can change the number "30" according to your width setting.
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4 comments: on "Create a Search Box for your blog"

Comfortably Numb said...

Nice. Will try this.



great...would try this one...


haha said...

What should I do with the code? Should I post it to my Blog or what? Please be specific.

Dan* said...

@ haha

Login to blogger account -> Click on Layout -> Click on Add a Gadget -> Scroll down and click html

And paste the code. Save it and preview it !

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