How to hide a Drive for privacy or for pranks

If you have any important things like pictures, document, adults movies :D and don't want others to view it u can hide your PC drives.

1. Go to Start -> Run -> type "diskpart"(without quotes)

2. Then type "list volume"(without quotes) It will look like this

3. If u wanna hide drive F then type "select volume 4"(without quotes) A message will appear saying Volume 4 is the selected volume.

4. Now type "remove letter F"(without quotes) A message will come Diskpart Removed the Drive letter

That's it restart ur pc to take effect.

Note: To show the drives again, repeat the same process but in 4th step replace

“remove letter F"” with “assign letter F”
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6 comments: on "How to hide a Drive for privacy or for pranks"

mujtaba7 said...

great trick.
now i dont have to use pc security and all

monalisa said...

useful trick!

now i know how to ad those adult movies :)

abymittal said...

ha monalisa said...!!hmm so simple process..but you need to knw it in the first place ;)
well done. thanks!

SAHIL said...

hope some young kiddo dsnt use dis knowledge to hid stuff unsuitable for him ;)

Danish said...

thanks a lot for sharing !!!!! :):):):):):):):):) said...

thax for this post.

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