Rapidshare Wait Limit Hack

Instead of waiting for the time countdowm you can directly download from Rapidshare.

1. Load the RapidShare download link.

2. Click on the “Free” button.

3. The download page will load. Now you will get a download waiting time countdown.

4. Instead of waiting for the countdown paste “javascript:alert(c=0)” into your web browser.

That's it ! Now you can download it directly.
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6 comments: on "Rapidshare Wait Limit Hack"

Sushant said...

Hey thats cool..It will be very handy as I download a lot from rapidshare..
Also you have a good theme for your blog..

Vinayak said...

really gr8
i will try it

stuntman mike said...

nice tricks man

btw ..can u get me some premium account ids and passwords

asit dhal said...

Is it really working ???

plz reply....

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