Vibrant Blogger Template

Vibrant is a Wordpress template created by CustomThemeDesign and converted to Blogger XML Template by Gosu Blogger. I liked this template so decided to share with you.


* 3 columns
* 3 tabbed Navigation Menu
* Stylish Navigation bar
* Stylish FeedBurner
* Search Option
* Adsense

How to setup the Navigation Tab


Just add your blog name before /feeds/comments/default?

How to setup FeedBurner


Search for FEEDBURNER_ID and replace it with your feedburner name (like mine is danzy)

Note: If you find colour problems in your blog that means bandwidth limit for googlepages has exceeded upload the images from here and host them in your googlepages or somewhere else(i prefer photobucket because you can upload all images at once) and replace the image link with your link.

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8 comments: on "Vibrant Blogger Template"

Gazafi Saif said...

wow..nice template..looks neat

Kaber said...

I see that you are using it too.

Really awesome template. I link the way everything is clear and fits into the screen so well. The colors are good too. And congrats about winning the little contest vinayak had organised :)

Majid said...

wow nice template :)

Kenneth said...

It's very neat and nicely managed

Anonymous said...

hi, dan visit this
gimme ur review...

Siddharth Bose said...

Nice Template...can u give resources of some good website templates with flash

S.Ganesh said...

A template of better quality,would try it for mine too!

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