Bayden Pop-Up Popper

Pop-ups are the most irratating thing for anyone surfing. But there are some Good Pop-ups and Bad Pop-ups.

Take command of your browser... Blast unwanted popups while still allowing them from sites you trust. Banish unwanted popups forever! Unlike many other popup-removal programs, PopupPopper contains no spyware and allows you to control what gets popped and what does not. It's a Freeware and you'll never go back to an unprotected browser.

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9 comments: on "Bayden Pop-Up Popper"

BK said...

usefull stuff.. will download and try out myself..

viyoma said...

Thanks for the useful Info!
Finally i can now deal with pop ups!
Thanks once again!

Sammy.. said...

Hey cool software info buddy.
I don't think pop ups are much of an issue to people who use Firefox, what say?

Vinayak said...

gr8 info
but I am gud with wat I have so this time I am not gonna download this but really gr8 tip.

pooja said...

wow..thanks thats a good and useful piece of info.

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

I HATE Pop ups. Useful or not.


VISHAL said...

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I saw your blog and its really interested....

can we exchange links with each other ?

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Just let me know if you are interested

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