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Feb 1, 2009

How to create a blogger template of your own

Making a blogger template is not easy for new bloggers. There are lots of blogger templates available on many websites. But if you want to make your own template there is a website which is very easy to create your very own blogger template.

You just need to customize the Background, Tables, Text/Headings, Scrollbars and Graphics of your choice. Then Preview if all set get your html code by clicking Generate my code.

Visit: http://www.pimp-my-profile.com/generators/blogger.php

How to upload your blogger template:

1. Login to your blogger account -> Dashboard -> Layout -> html

2. Always Backup for template (click download template and save it anywhere in your system)

3. Click browse and upload the file which you made from the website.

4. Click Confirm and Save.

5. That's it your done

6. Now You can Personlize your website by applying some cool features like Page Navigation button, Related posts, Read more, Label Cloud etc. You can find some of them from here.


  1. cool man! :D
    i neva had heard f it! :)

  2. excellent man....

    this is what I was needing...


  3. ge8 man .. actuallly i usually download a template and then work on customizing the same

    cheers !