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Feb 3, 2009

Increase Virtual Memory Used by XP

Does your windows always show this message.


Virtual memory is a small portion of hard drive space converted to RAM. This is useful for computers which use more physical RAM than is available. Windows XP allow the user to change the amount of virtual memory used. By default, the system determines the amount automatically. You can change this to a set amount for better performance. Follow this steps:

1. Right click My Computer -> Properties -> Advance Tab -> Settings(Performance)

2. A window will open click Advance Tab -> Change(Virtual Memory)

3. Under "Paging file size for selected drive" select "Custom size" option

4. In the box where it says "Initial Size(MB)" The best number to enter is to multiply the amount of Physical Memory by 2. For example: If you have 512 MB of RAM multiply it by 2 and you would get 1024.

5. In the box where it says "Maximum Size(MB)" Enter the same number as in "Initial Size"

6. Now Click ok on every windows it says.

7. That's it !


  1. its like bread n butter for the techies... but a pretty good thing for the beggnrs! carry on ur good work :)

  2. yea face this problem a lot thats y switched my browser from Chrome to firefox. Thankx for the info....

  3. informative blog ...for dummies and techies alike


  4. thanks for the help....
    it surely will help many who come across yr blog... :)

  5. It's a gr8 tip
    thank u very much.

  6. Hey, I always wanted to disable that pop-out!
    And everytime it would be simply shutting down applications...
    Now I have a better option!
    Thanks! :)

  7. haha!
    i did it!
    koool man!
    does it increase the speed of my PC..??