Remove Orkut, Firefox, YouTube virus

When your system is effected, it will show the following messages when u open:




How to Remove it:

1. Open Taskmanager -> Processes tab

Find svchost.exe with username(warning not a svchost.exe) end or kill these processes by pressing endprocess.

2. Open My Computer then type:

"C:\heap41a" in the address bar with quotes.

3. Delete everything in the folder

4. Goto Start -> Regedit -> Edit Tab -> Find -> Search for "heap41a" and delete that key.

C:\heap(some number)\std.txt

5. Close the Registry Editor

That's it !
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4 comments: on "Remove Orkut, Firefox, YouTube virus"

Sammy.. said...

Buddy this is too bad.!!!

I thought of posting about this Virus issue but you wrote it already..!!!!

Hehe anyways nice article, next time i wont allow you to do it.. haha what say?

Dan* said...

@ Sammy

Thankx :D

BK said...

will make a note..

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