Change the Title of Windows Media Player

Here is a trick to surprise you friends or anyone. You can change the title bar for the Windows Media Player if you want.

How to Apply this trick:

1. Click Start -> Run -> Type "Regedit" without quotes.

2. Navigate to HKEY_USERS\DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\WindowsMediaPlayer (If not there create a new key named WindowsMediaPlayer by right clicking on the right panel)

3. Create a string value of Title bar.

4. Give it a value of whatever you want to appear in the title bar.

5. Restart you pc to take effect.

6. That's it !
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7 comments: on "Change the Title of Windows Media Player"

gauravbrills said...

nice trick man .. tried was awesome really

ArUn raFi said...

hey can u please tell me wat thisregedit is also and wher ei can find it..cos fr someone like me ..i have no clue f these programs it wud be really nice if i cud get the same and show off to my friends..

Dan* said...

@ Arun

ok i made the post easier now.

Regedit stands for Registry Editor

é-Spice said...

That was a really nice trick.... thank you

KARTIK said...

nice trick man...keep posting!

KARTIK said...

nice trick man....awesome!!

Sammy said...

Hey dude just correct the first line,
You forgot to put Run


Cool post da

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