Easily Split & Join Files with EZSplit Lite

EZSplit is a program that allows you to split large file into smaller, more manageable parts. These smaller parts are much easier to transfer via e-mail or data storage device if you are having a slow internet connection.

Program capabilities:

* EZSplit can split files faster than other archives such as winrar/winzip.

* EZSplit creates a tiny auto-rebuilder to be sent along with split files making it much faster and easier to join your files again.

* EZSplit reports progress information and speeds so you can see how well your computer is performing.

* It also supports pausing and can process multiple files at the same time.

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4 comments: on "Easily Split & Join Files with EZSplit Lite"

Gazafi Saif said...

new one..looks good ..i use hjsplit..

jaggu said...

generally uses hjsplit...
let me try this one out

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