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Mar 7, 2009

How To Get Back "Run" From Start Menu

If you have accidentally deleted the "Run" icon or any virus deleted the "Run" icon from the start menu. No need to worry or re-install your windows again. Here is a trick by which you can get it back.

Method no.1:

- Right Click "Start Menu" -> Properties -> Customize

- If you have XP-Style start menu (with recent programs on the left & menus on the right) click "Advanced", and scroll down until you find 'Run'. Tick the check box.

- If you have old-style start menu (with just menus) simply scroll down and tick "Display Run".

- Click ok and your are done !

Method no.2

- Goto: C:\WINDOWS\system32 (C:\ assuming the windows drive)

- Search for "gpedit.msc"

- Navigate to: User Configuration\Administrator Templates\Start Menu and Taskbar

- On the right panel double click "Remove Run menu from Start Menu" (it may be set to "not configured" or "disable") Change it to disable.

- That's it !


  1. well one of mine friend faced this problem some time ago.
    & I told him the solution through gpedit.msc

    Nice tweak :)

  2. i have never come across such a problem since i DON'T use RUN and i was never aware of the existence of such a problem...in future if this happens..now i know...i know what to do...