Parrots Prices

A man goes into a pet shop to buy a parrot. The shop owner points to three identical looking parrots on a perch and says, "The parrot to the left costs $500."

The customer asks, "Why does the parrot cost so much?"

The owner says, "Well, it knows how to use a computer."

The customer asks about the next parrot and is told, "That one costs $1,000 because it can do everything the other parrot can do plus it knows how to use the UNIX operating system."

Naturally, the increasingly startled man asks about the third parrot and is told, "That one costs $2,000."

Needless to say this begs the question, What can IT do?

The owner replies "To be honest I’ve never seen it do a thing but the other two call him boss!"
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6 comments: on "Parrots Prices"

Nishank Mehta said...

Haha! Remarkably funny...pretty much reflects the scenario of current times when bosses bask in glory earned through the efforts of overworked employees...

poo said...

Ah!! well good one...

Sidrah said...

Nice one! :P


kunal said...

Hiii Dan
nice lolz:)

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