Zinmage Tribune 2 Blogger Template

Last time i posted Zinmag Remedy Blogger Template which many you liked it and one of them even asked me about a similar template in white background. So this time iam posting a template in white background which looks exactly like Zinmag Remedy Blogger template but it's slightly different and has a bit more features. This template is also created by Falconhive.


* Columns 4
* Navigation Bar 2
* Tab Button 3
* Subscription Feed
* Search Bar
* Ads Space
* Hide Article (Read More)
* Video Space
* Footer Navigation Menu

Demo | Download
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4 comments: on "Zinmage Tribune 2 Blogger Template"

Majid said...

wow ur template selections are greatt!

Saif said...

wow..nice template..you always provide nice templates

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