Clear Recent Documents When Windows Exits

This restriction will clear the list of recent documents on the Start Menu when Windows exits.

How to apply:

1) Goto Start -> Run

2) Type "Regedit" (without quotes)

3) Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ->Software ->Microsoft Windows ->CurrentVersion ->Policies

4) On the right panel, Right Click and create a new DWORD value (if not exist) "ClearRecentDocsOnExit" (without quotes) and set its value to 1.

5) That's it ! Restart your pc to take effect.
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7 comments: on "Clear Recent Documents When Windows Exits"

Aparna said...

i found this info very useful

many times i wanted to clear the files names on recent documents

but is restarting the comp necessary?

Dan* said...

@ Aparna

Not necessary just to take effect. If you don't it will take effect the next time when you start you pc.

Shiva said...

i just open Run>Recent
Ctrl+A n del.
and it all goes away, without the registry crap,
anyway it depends on whether u have opened some thing very important or anything which is of the least importance, registry edits are always risky .

Dan* said...

@ shiva

That way you have to do it everytime what happens when you forgets to delete it ?? Registry edits are not always risky depends on you what are you editing...

Dr. Internet said...

Technical stuff you wrote is always informative.
keep it up!

Gopalakrishnan said...

This post is very informative. I hope you provide us with all these methods of escapism in the future too.. :) Keep posting more of this sort. I wish you good luck

Sriram said...

Really useful stuff! Thanks mate!

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