Fasten the display of Start Menu Items

By default speed of Start menu items takes a slight delay in appearing. By applying this tweak it will really fasten them up!

How to apply:


1. Start -> Run

2. Type "regedit" (without quotes)

3. Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Desktop

4. Search for "Menu Show Delay"

5. Right click -> Modify the default value "400" to "0"

6. Restart you pc or log off to take effect !

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5 comments: on "Fasten the display of Start Menu Items"

Matty said...

thanks buddy..
i will use this one

Majid said...

it shows without a delay now.....thankx man!

Arun Rafi said...

hey..whenever i come to ur blog i find interesting stuff..
and this thing has worked in the first time itself..a nice DIY tip..
Its become crisp..
Thanks..Keep posting

Arun Rafi

Dr. Internet said...

You are a good techie danzy!
Good job.

Saif said...

cool tip friend...but i use ubuntu now...

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