How To Add Image To Your Folder Background

Here's a cool trick if you wish to make your folders look some what special.

For each folders like Movies, Music, Games, Albums etc.... You can place a background image to make it look cool.

How to apply:

1) Open Notepad (Start->Programs->Accessories->Notepad)

2) Copy Paste the following codes:

IconArea_Image=Image Location

3) Now in the Image Location you need to enter the Image Location that you want to set as background. (If the Image is in the same folder then no need to give the location simply enter the name of the Image along with the extension eg. IconArea_Image=background.jpg)

4) Save the notepad file as desktop.ini in the folder for which you wish to add background image.

5) Now right click on that folder -> Properties -> Select Customize tab - Click on Change Icon -> Choose any folder.

6) That's it ! Open you folder and you can see the selected Image as background.

How to undo:

* Repeat the whole process again, but in the codes do not give any location.

Note: Make sure the image should be large as the folder size or else it will appear as tiles.

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16 comments: on "How To Add Image To Your Folder Background"

majid said...

ahh it works........thanx

Siddharth Bose said...

nice to come back to ur blog after so many days, reading ur posts hav always been great.

angel from heaven said...

wow so simple and easy thanks for sharing such good tips.

Alishah Amirali said...

You really done something useful this time bro..!
keep up the good. Checkout my blog;

also i have followed your blog hope you will do the same

Alishah said...

good job niceeee! keep it up

Gazafi Saif said...

wow dude..awesome tip..and its working :-))

hemanth said...

ya! it's working nice...i got this blog thru our community at orkut!

Viyoma R said...

Wow..thts a supercool..sharing..wonderful..tried a couple of them instantly and shared with my collegues sitting next by too..

Sai @ Blogger Templates said...

Hey Dan...that's a really cool trick...thnks for sharing !
I would prefer some lite background...


Anonymous said...

Now how to remove it???

Dan* said...

@ Anonymous

i updated my check it to how to undo it :)

Anonymous said...

it's not work

Dan* said...

@ Anonymous

it should work! u might be not dong it right.....

try to copy these codes only:


Stewart said...

Brilliant stuff. Thanks for the tips, however, does anyone know how to stop the background image scrolling or repeating itself in folders with masses of files.
I've stretched the image to fit 1596x 900, but once it starts scrolling the image repeats.
I'm sure I've seen folders with static backgrounds (eg. My Pictures under a Vista skin pack had a big picture of the folder with photos poking out and that did not move, only the files scrolled. I'm at my wit's end how to achieve this and appreciate it'll probably involve some html coding, but i don't mind learning if anyone can point me to an idiot's guide.

kattelhi said...

@stewart u just need to change the size of your image..........

Anonymous said...

how i make the image not move????

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