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Jun 21, 2009

Add Watermark (Image or Text) for free online

PicMarkr lets you to add custom watermark (image or text) to your images online and free. It is useful when you need to protect your copyrights or if you want to add comments to your photos.

It is very simple to use, no need of downloading or installing anything. You only have to upload files from computer or you can also grab them from your Flickr, Facebook, or Picasa account.

More PicMarkr Features:

* Batch image processing
* Add text watermark, image watermark or tiled watermark
* Easy to use: minimum settings, no need to download or install anything
* And yes, its free (You can buy a Pro version, if you need more features)

Visit: http://picmarkr.com/


  1. nice one....

    I was searching similar kind of stuffs from long....

  2. Thanks for this. Dazy... if you can recommend some free but excellent photo editing software.

  3. u put on very specific software posts. unique one. this ones too gud.


  4. This so useful I was looking for something like this for ages for my food blog pics which are my own and subject to copyright. Thanks.