Hide Number Posts under Label / Categories in Blogger

Number Posts under Label/Categories does not give a very good impression when you have too many post in one label / Categories and very less post in the other, because less people will show interest in clicking them.

Here is an easy trick which you can do which will "Hide numbers being displayed under labels"

How to apply:

* Login to blogger -> Dashboard -> Layout -> html

* Check on "Expand Widget"

* Search for " <span dir='ltr'>(<data:label.count/>)</span> "

* Delete " (<data:label.count/>) "

* That's it ! (First Preview it, if no error then save it)

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9 comments: on "Hide Number Posts under Label / Categories in Blogger"

Saif said...

wow bro..excellent tip..i hv done this to my blog..:-)

Vinayak said...

for me it is a bit risky
will tell my bro to do it for me

sammy65 said...

Cool buddy..i too have this edit in my template. This really makes the blog look more professional.

Dr. Internet said...

Although I prefer to show it, but nice topic danzy.

indavao said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day! http://kantahanan.blogspot.com

Majid said...

thankx for sharing...

angel from heaven said...

Good tip as always .


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