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Jun 8, 2009

How to Change Your Keyboard Keys

SharpKeys is a very small application which does an excellent job in customizing all the keys in your keyboard according to your requirement. Like change "CapsLock" to "Shift".

You can even disable them or you can also play Pranks with your friends things which i like to do most. :P

How to use it:

It is very simple, install the application then click Add, you will see a window like this. Now can see the list of keys you can change, you can even type your own key which i feel is easy. Just click "Type Key" button in the "From Key" section and hit the keys which they want to convert. Then again click on "Type Key" button in the "To Key" section and press the key which they want to assign to the selected key.

After you are satisfied click ok and write to registry.

Restart your pc to take effect ! That's it.

Download via Winzip | Msi | More Info


  1. great app..i think most of us use it to play pranks :-)

  2. nice but keyboard key are reliable when in default

  3. it is very useful and informative post
    thanks for posting and keep blogging

  4. Why to change...? I think it';s need to practice again...

    But thanks on your ingo...

    Can we get to link exchange, friend...???

  5. Nice info friend....

    But why must to change...? I think it's need a practice to remember again....

    Thank on your info...

    can we get to link exchange...?

  6. @ above
    Well people mostly use it when sum of there keyboard keys are not working so that they can make an alternate key which they can use it instead.

  7. good yaar thx for such words..

    and really it is usefull..

  8. Thanks for this info,I guess its useful like you say if some keys are not working.

  9. Vey very informative danzy!
    Keep rocking. btw, i m little afraid to download unknows now a days.. after getting lots of torjons. Did u try it? is it safe?

  10. yup! tried it and showed you also how easy is it.

  11. oh this is cool .. thanks. my letter "T" has lost its feathertouch quality a bit .. . maybe now i can assign it to another lesser used key

  12. That one is super kool