How to Launch Shortcut Applications by keyboard

Here is a cool trick to open your Applications by just using your keyboard in one simple step.

For example: If you frequently open Command Prompt, Adobe etc. It would take 3 or 4 steps to open (Start->Programs->Accessories->). But by using this method you can open it in just one simple step.

How to apply:

1) Find the Application (You should find it in the Desktop or in the Startup menu) Right Click on the Application -> Properties.

2) In the Shortcut tab, find Shortcut Key and type CTRL+ALT+A (Or any other key you feel easy with)

That's it!

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5 comments: on "How to Launch Shortcut Applications by keyboard"

Proneat said...

ur posts make my life easy.

Saif said...

i use this in windows for firefox and My computer..great tip :-)

The Vitruvian Boy said...

cool...... :)

Thank you for the tips..... :)

Santosh said...

Very Nice tips ......Good work...

Majid said...

nice as usual..

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