Make a Website Redirect to Another Site

Here is cool video i found which will really bug your friends or anyone who is addicted to a particular website (like say :D).

All you need to do is to know there favourite website, and they will never visit it again, unless you want to or they re-install there windows again.

Watch the video:

How to undo:

* Go to Start -> Run

* Type Notepad C:/Windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts

* Just delete the those added IP and the site name.

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4 comments: on "Make a Website Redirect to Another Site"

viyoma said...

God!! You could be dangerous!!!

asit dhal said...

now hacking stuff in ur blog....

keep posting...keep us updated....

Dan* said...

can't say it dangerous as there is no harm to ur computer :)

Santosh said...

Nice topics very interesting

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