Cool Animated Scrolling Typewriter Text Generator

Screedbot lets you generate an animated GIF file with your own scrolling typewriter text.

Just write some text into the field and press "Create Screed".

You can also modify its image width, text colour, text font size and the background colour.

After you make your text you can save it to your computer, to Flickr, or to and put it on your blog/site.

Visit: | Color Codes

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9 comments: on "Cool Animated Scrolling Typewriter Text Generator"

kim said...


Vinayak said...

will surely check it out
by the way I made my video sharing site from fliggo

Dan* said...

@ Vinayak

nice....waiting to see more

Shantharam Shenoy K said...

hey Dan,

thats a cool thing to add to few of my projects..thnks a lot.. and by the way, been here after some time..seems like there has been a few changes since the last time i had been here..look great..

Shantharam Shenoy K said...

and DAN, there might have been an error earlier, it showed the comment was published even before i entered anything...browser got stuck so i dunno wat happened..

Dan* said...

@ Shantharam Shenoy K

It happens.....blogger might have been refreshing my page. Nothing wrong with your browser..

angel from heaven said...

Thanks Dan I am going to try and add this to my blog!!

Suyash said...

Good updates Danzy!

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