Increase Copying Speed of PC files by - FastCopy

You might have noticed in Windows that when we use copy -paste ,the files are transfered only when the operation completed without any interruption . So if something happens in between , the copy process should be restarted .Fastcopy is a light weight software that can speed up copy- paste in Windows.

Fastcopy can copy a file from one location to another at speed 30% -50% greater than the normal speed of a PC .It ingrates itself to the context menu for making it simpler.

Fastcopy is only 200KB and its a freeware.

How to use it:

* Launch the Application

* Now Choose the "Source" and "Destination" folder

* Click "Execute" button

You can choose to add Fastcopy to your right-click content menu by going to Options -> Shell Extension -> Select your options and then click Install.

Download | More Info

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9 comments: on "Increase Copying Speed of PC files by - FastCopy"

Majid said...

it is nice..... tera copy is also gud

Saif said...

its good..i was searching for this kinda apps..

Dr. Internet said...

Nice technical post.

angel from heaven said...

Brilliant , good tip will make sure I use this next time.

Paranormal ME said...

hey dude...i found that is particular software..consumpes a lot of virtual memory...n makes the pc my observation rite..or its just another internal prb of my pc..???

Dan* said...

@ Paranormal ME

Its only a 200kb software, so it cannot consume a lot of virtual memory. I have no problem using it.

VISHAL said...

Its a good software but i like Copy Handler more than this

Anthony said...

very gud software ! thanx...

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