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Jul 7, 2009

Increase Copying Speed of PC files by - FastCopy

You might have noticed in Windows that when we use copy -paste ,the files are transfered only when the operation completed without any interruption . So if something happens in between , the copy process should be restarted .Fastcopy is a light weight software that can speed up copy- paste in Windows.

Fastcopy can copy a file from one location to another at speed 30% -50% greater than the normal speed of a PC .It ingrates itself to the context menu for making it simpler.

Fastcopy is only 200KB and its a freeware.

How to use it:

* Launch the Application

* Now Choose the "Source" and "Destination" folder

* Click "Execute" button

You can choose to add Fastcopy to your right-click content menu by going to Options -> Shell Extension -> Select your options and then click Install.

Download | More Info


  1. it is nice..... tera copy is also gud

  2. its good..i was searching for this kinda apps..

  3. Brilliant , good tip will make sure I use this next time.

  4. hey dude...i found that is particular software..consumpes a lot of virtual memory...n makes the pc slow..is my observation rite..or its just another internal prb of my pc..???

  5. @ Paranormal ME

    Its only a 200kb software, so it cannot consume a lot of virtual memory. I have no problem using it.

  6. Its a good software but i like Copy Handler more than this