Cardtoon Magic Trick - With Explanation

This is one of my best Magic trick, i have ever seen.

You are asked to name any card. The magician then shows you that each card in the deck has a little Stick-Figure Magician drawn on it.

The cards rush by one at a time, and the drawings become an animated cartoon, in which Stick-Figure Magician pulls a card from his top hat and turns it over to reveal the spectator’s named card!

Watch the Cardtoon trick-1:

Watch the Cardtoon trick-2:


I am sure you people are smart enough to figure out how Cardtoon-1 trick is also done. I don't need to post that explanation i guess! ;-)

You should find the Cardtoon deck in any Magic Shop. Or if you good in drawing cartoons you can draw it yourself :-D
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6 comments: on "Cardtoon Magic Trick - With Explanation"

Srinivas DMS said...

That is cool. I think I saw this trick before. But the animation thing has nothing to do with the trick right?

Dan* said...

@ Srinivas

Didn't u watch the explanation ?? Yes animation is used for entertainment purpose.

Sree said...

hehehe.. card tricks r always simple and tricky at the same time.

Tips and Tricks said...

good information thanks

yogishots said...

I am gonna try this wish me luck ..!!

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