Farting Problem - Jokes

A woman having farting issues went to a doctor to find a remedy.

She sat in front of the doctor and said "Doc, I've a very queer problem." The doc told her not to worry and tell him. She said," Doc i keep on farting anytime and anywhere. I just can't control it. But the best thing is that nobody can smell or hear my farts. Still I want to cure it. In fact I farted thrice in your cabin."

The doc wrote a prescription and gave it to her.

The women looked in bewilderment and said," Why have you given me ear drops?"

The doctor told her," First we will clear your ears and then ur nose."

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6 comments: on "Farting Problem - Jokes"

asit dhal said...

nice joke.....

poor lady !!!

AMD said...

hahaha.... LOL...

angel from heaven said...

lolz ha ha ha soo funny!!

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