How to keep any windows on top of others

DeskPins allows you to keep any window on top of others with a few clicks.

For Example: You are watching a movie in ur Windows Media Player and you want your Media player to be visible no matter what other programs you're working in. Deskpins is the solution!

How to use:

* First install Deskpins, from the download link below.

* You will see the DeskPins icon in the system tray, click on it to pick up a pushpin, and click on the window to pin it to the top. Now any other windows you open will be tucked away behind that window.

Visit: MoreInfo | Download

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nice useful blog :)

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Your blog is always full of good tips.Well done.

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i needed this thankx!!

lazzyidols said...

Nice info!!! keep up your good work!

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